Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hey Girl

So recently I've got to do some fun assembling wedding invitations. Talk about a lot of work! I am very pleased with that particular project, but that's not what I want to tell you about.

I made little goodie bags for the girls who are able to come with me to my bachelorette...I don't think any of them read this, so I should be all right. If they do, well...maybe they'll forget?

I got this new stamp set that I just adore adore only complaint is I'd like there to be multiples of each letter...I really need several stamp sets! It's problematic. As my sister would say, "First world problems..."

Anyways. It's fun because you can make up whatever you want to say. So I did.

If any of you have seen the Ryan Gosling photobomb explosion on the internet, you'll understand. But just in case you didn't...

So this is what I did :)

Which makes sense because it's for a bachelorette party right? And my wonderful girlfriend, Erika (who happens to be a bridesmaid) told me, "Don't worry, the whole thing is going to be really classy...until it's not..." So that particular theme has been running through my head for weeks now.

Anyways, this is the end result for the goodie cute! A little bubble bath from Philosophy appropriately named "Margarita," some lip gloss and hand sanitizer!

Any projects you've been working on lately?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big Word Wednesday: Blithe

With the summer sunshine peeking through this early in the season (Bend's normal summer is late June through September...the first year we were here Mt. Bachelor had enough snow at 4th of July to open for the day) but we've been having 70s and gorgeous the past couple weeks and I've been happy and blithe.

What's that you say? Blithe? Why yes, it is a big word! Welcome back to Big Word Wednesdays!

blithe. adjective. [blahyth]. joyus, merry, or gay in disposition; glad; cheerful. without thought or regard; carefree; heedless.
  • Everyone loved her blithe spirit.
  • A blithe indifference to anyone's feelings

Monday, May 6, 2013

Catching up

It's been so long since I've blogged. Part of the issue is that every time I sit down to do so I'm overwhelmed by everything that's happened in the last couple months that I haven't kept track of for you. So we're going to do a quick recap and move on:

1. My back is doing much better. I clocked 3.5 miles (my record so far since last August) on Friday night. I was a little wrecked this weekend from pushing more than I should have, but considering two Aleve last night was all it took for the whole weekend to clear up I'm feeling like that's progress. It's my goal to do a 10k in July.

2. I'm losing bridesmaids like flies...not losing per say, but my sister has had hip surgery, my dear dear friend Siobhan suffered an injury that she's in the process of recovering from, and my lovely friend Heather is so swamped and overwhelmed with moving and her new job (thanks to her militarily inclined hubby) that we're not sure if she can even come to the wedding! That leaves me two...but the two still standing are rock solid and have been such a huge huge help with getting me through those stresses in addition to everything else in my life that involves WEDDING stuff.

3. Alterations on the dress, fittings, shoe crises, etc. Done.

4. Trying to maintain my weight! You don't pay that much money to have the damn thing altered only to lose/gain lots of weight! We're redistributing right scale hasn't budged in weeks (except on the occasional bloated day) but the girls at work say I keep looking skinnier...gotta love getting back into shape.

5. I was in shape you say? Sure, before six months of non-workouts made my skin loose and my muscles melt away. Now we're entering my eighth week of being brutalized (sorta) by my wonderful wonderful trainer (who works closely with my physical therapist!) and I have biceps. I've never had biceps before! Quads, definitely, calves, sure, glutes, absolutely. But we're talking to a girl who shuns arm workouts because they make her bored! Nothing like paying someone to make you do something to make you do something :) Last week I leg pressed 170 lbs. 30 times. Don't even get me started on what she makes me do for my arms.

6. Bridal shower been and gone, wonderful, beautiful, fun. So wonderful to see the lovely women in my life come celebrate with me! So much fun...especially being the bride! I have the bestest ever godmother and other-mother. They are so good to me!

7. Planning for bachelorette in full swing...ten days until we go! So excited.

8. I'm sure there's more but I can't think of anything. SO. That's it, quick recap.

More next time!