Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 31

You really have a moment of "Oh, it's over?" on the morning of Day 31. Not that you can actually go out and eat whatever you want, because the reintroduction process takes about 2 weeks, but while grocery shopping last night and scouring the labels as I've been required to do for the last 30 days, I had the jolting realization that I wouldn't have to today.

The Whole30. Man, that's been an experience.

Do I feel better? Yes. Is it this magicalwonderfulsuperfragillisticcureall that it's advertised as? No. "Tiger blood" never showed up. I got a little perkier around day 23, but not the "advertised" day 16. Granted, with Hashimoto's they did say it might take longer to see results...and the last few days I've recognized the deep, bone-weariness of a thyroid imbalance (hence the blood test I'm going to have done this morning so that they can adjust my medication) it's a difficult thing to call.

Am I glad I've done it?


Would I do it again?


Has it changed how I feel about certain foods?


If I knew then what I know now, would I still do it?


Would I recommend it to anyone interested?


They ask you to look at the foods that you thought you'd miss, or that you used to eat regularly and if you don't miss them at all, avoid reintroducing them or reintroduce them but eat sparingly in the future. Surprisingly, I'm not so sad about yogurt and cheese. Ice cream, yes, but yogurt and cheese? Not so much. Will I avoid brie in the future? No, but who can? Will I buy string cheese and daily yogurt any more? Not for a while anyways, unless my husband wants them.  I also surprisingly don't miss pasta all that much. Seeing as it was a major staple in my life, I never once was like, "I need pasta" Cereal though, man oh man. I bought non-gluten grained granola last night so I can have some on Friday instead of waiting until next week (part of that darned reintroduction). And I do miss tortillas, but mostly in the "I could really go for a burrito right now" sort of way. The only bread I miss is sourdough, and with my new sourdough starter, maybe I'll be able to make it myself in the future.

One thing I've learned from doing the Whole30, and I'm sure everyone who has done it has learned something similar: there are a lot of foods that I've been eating that I don't really care to eat anymore. And I like the anti-inflammatory results so much that I will limit my sugar intake moving forward, avoid processed and unnecessary added sugars (though more when it's convenient...I still refuse to pay $5 for lunch meat, though I don't eat a whole lot of that so not so much a concern), and lessen my gluten intake to special occasions.

Will all of this change come pumpkin spice latte season? Probably, but the knowledge that I can reset and remind myself that whole eating is not the end of the world is a nice little thing to have tucked in my pocket.

One thing I will say about eating this way, however, is that my grocery bill has at least doubled, though I would be unsurprised if it hasn't tripled. This is not a cheaper way of living, for sure.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yummy Running Snacks - That are Whole30 Compliant!

In my desperation to find a snack that I could make or buy that would truck my through my 15 mile run tomorrow, I stumbled upon a tasty recipe for "No Bake Coconut Date Energy Bites" on

I modified it and now it's a delicious, chocolatey burst of caffeine and energy perfect for my run tomorrow!

I used my handy food processor for maybe the fourth or fifth time since I received it as a gift at my wedding. Standard blade, yes please!

With my additions, the initial dough was a little wet, so I added a few more coconut flakes and it balled right up!

Now doesn't that look delicious? I made them a little bigger so I only have to unwrap one at each snack stop (every three miles) on my run.

Delicious Chocolatey No Bake Coconut Date Energy Bites
Makes approximately 11 bites

1/3 cup cashews
12 dates, pits removed - the original recipe called for medjool, but Fred Meyer only had one kind and it wasn't that...
1/2 cup coconut, shredded, divided
1 Tbsp. coconut oil
1 1/2 Tbsp. coffee, room temperature or chilled - or H20, I need the caffeine boost when I'm booking!
1 Tbsp. 100% unsweetened cocoa powder

1. Pulse cashews in a food processor for 10 seconds.

2. Add pitted dates, 1/4 cup coconut flakes + 1 Tbsp. coconut flakes, the coconut oil, cocoa powder, and coffee.  Process for a minute or until the mixture comes together and no big nuts or dates remain. If too dry, add more coffee a tsp. at a time, if too wet, add coconut a Tbsp. at a time. 

3. With a spoon, scoop out approximately 1 Tbsp. of mixture and roll between hands to form a ball (I scooped probably a tablespoon and a half or more because I wanted a bigger fuel ball on my runs).

4. Put remaining shredded coconut in a bowl and roll the balls in the coconut. Wrap in wax paper for easy carrying or put each one in a muffin liner and refrigerate for an hour before storing. 



Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Doin' It

So I started Whole30 on June 29th. I wanted to start the 28th, but needed the recovery carbs after my race. Here's some thoughts from my first couple days!

June 30th, 
8:20 AM
24 hours without sugar and it's all I think about. I'm so dramatically starved for it that I'm seriously wishing husband steps away from the kitchen long enough that I can scoop a funfetti cupcake out of the garbage.

9:46 AM
Dragging. When did I get tired? I was plenty perky this morning (albeit craving the sugar). I was good dancing around the kitchen and making my stupid everything-free lunch...

11:13 AM
Company decides to buy us lunch, today of all days. And it's burritos! Oh the horror. I miss beans. And tortillas. And cheese...oh man, cheese... Stay strong, no breaking. It hasn't even been 48 hours...

4:28 PM
Feeling perky. That salad wasn't so terrible and I'm thinking about the Larabar I get to eat before I go to ultimate frisbee practice. Which I know breaks the "craving sweets" rule, but it's day two. Rome wasn't built in a day. Maybe this diet isn't so bad.

July 1st,
10:17 AM
At the grocery store. They don't have the Larabar flavor that I like and so many of the damned things have chocolate in them. I miss chocolate. Grocery store on day three is a terrible idea, especially with the end caps of Oreos, gummy bears, marshmallows and Hershey's. I would kill for chocolate right now. Doesn't help that I woke up with a headache and a sour stomach.

4:25 PM
Starving. I apparently can't get enough to eat...I'm craving everything.

It's now been nine days, and some cravings have abated. I'm only thinking about sugar two or three times a day rather than every waking moment. I'm glad it's summer and that the fruit is so delicious this season though! On my run this morning I clocked almost 12 minute miles though, so my body hasn't adjusted yet. Soooo slow but at least I made it all five miles!

Stay tuned because I had an adventure into Whole30 compliant energy bites in preparation for my run on Thursday (15 miles and ShotBloks are not compliant! Gotta get my snacks in!)...they're delicious and super easy!