Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not Even Gonna Say It

I'm not even gonna say it: I have all these wonderful intentions of writing and then it gets lost by the wayside in my busy busy life.

The irony of my 25-30 hour/week job is that I only work that much so that I will supposedly have time. To spend with my furry animals, to spend with my husband, to go running, and read, and draw.

I feel like I need to show you my week last week...

On Wednesday I literally had no time for myself. And it was my day off! I started my day at 6 because I just don't have time to sleep. I did some work for a client before husband and I hustled off to look at a house (we're looking to buy...more on that later), at 8AM. From there, I rushed off to a meeting in town at 9AM. That meeting went until about 10:30AM which is perfect because I had to fly off to a dermatologist appointment on the other side of town at 11AM (annual mole check, you're welcome, Mom). I rushed home after that appointment around 12:15 and had just enough time to meet my client for her chalkboard pickup at 12:30. From 12:30 to about 3, I did some more client work, websites, sketches and such. Then I put on my running clothes and Jamie made it over to my house to go for a little (3 mile) run.

After we get organized for that it's about 3:15 and then by the time we're done chatting and she leaves it's 4:15. I have 20 minutes to hop in the shower so I'm not super stinky for acupuncture! Rush off to that appointment, which I admit, is incredibly relaxing so we could call that "me" time if you'd like. And then from there I have to drive straight to another meeting at 6:15. I got home around 8:30pm and promptly fell into bed.

Not to mention the bland diet I had to be on all day that day for a medical test I had to do on Thursday morning. Chicken and rice all day, baby!


At least you know I mean well.